Quality bodywork

Thai Yoga Massage

 & Stretch Therapy

Thai Yoga Massage

Return to relaxation and touch via this ancient healing art which elevates mind, body and spirit. Embodying teachings from the following schools.


Wisdom and experience from respected masters in Thailand and the West, with a particularly thorough treatment & understanding of the Sen (energy) lines. 



From Lotus Palm school & heavily influenced by the modern master Kam Thye Chow. Offering simplicity & heartfelt connection via this evolved method.

Dedicated in the arts of Stretch Therapy & Thai Yoga Massage. Delight in practicing, learning & connecting. 

Creating experiences that spark joy, with deep love for learning, play and presence.


Stretch Therapy

Feel grace and ease in the body.

Offering a unique and often innovative perspective of this vibrant system and what it can bring to the modern lifestyle.