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Positive affimrations

I am flexible and feel great with delicious freedom of movement. My strength comes from within and is available to me now and when I need it. My health is bursting forth and circulating throughout my body allowing energy, joy and love to emanate. My body is long and open, controlled and soft. My breathing is deep and spreads to my extremities. 

More affirmations

The people I encounter share their energy, positivity, love and creativity. Love, money, knowledge and time are freely and abundantly available. I have many gifts to share and receive. It is within me now, aware, awake & alive.

Real feedback

I seek real feedback and communication. Feel free to relax into breath but always if anything comes up or you seek something different, please speak up.

Quality Sounds

I have a UE Boom 2 for quality mobile music and a Google Music subscription, if you would like to please nominate any favoured music to make your experience more perfect. 


If you have preferences for essential oils or incense, let me know. Sheets are laundered in sensitive skin detergents.

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